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Mata Atlântica in Porto Seguro: a contact with flora and fauna in the region

One of the most important tropical forest in the world stretching across the coast of Brazil and the south of Bahia, a rich biodiversity that guarantees the presence of countless species of animals and plants. Historic heritage declared by UNESCO, the reserves of the coastline have the most preserved areas of Mata Atlântica in northeast […]

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Porto Seguro will surprise you with fun and activities for all children during the October holiday

Next holiday are coming and are a great opportunity to get to know the south coast of Bahia: you will be enchanted by the beaches and the culture of Porto Seguro. Family travelers are always concerned about the fun and safety of children and on Children’s Day, visit Porto Seguro is the best choice to […]

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Toko Village has the perfect space for your event.

The beach of Mutà, on the north coast, is the ideal place to rest and enjoy the tranquility of Porto Seguro. Right on this beach lays Toko Village, that besides being a great place to relax, also has a space to arrange events. Proximity to nature creates a unique and special scenario for the realization […]

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Infrastructures and Nature: Toko Village is the best choice for your staying or event.

Whether for a weekend, for a special day or a holiday, Toko Village offers perfect suites for every type of guest. The accommodations are comfortable and spacious, immersed in a luxuriant nature that is able to blow off some steam and get away from all agitation and stress. All the spaces are decorated and furnished […]

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Toko Village wins the TripAdvisor Excellence Certification for the 3rd consecutive year

When talking about vacations, TripAdvisor is one of the main search engine for tourist information about accommodation and hotels. Guest reviews are very important for those who are looking for accommodation that meets their needs. This year, Toko Village received the Certificate of Excellence for the 3rd consecutive time. The award is recognized for the […]

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Tips for a peaceful journey with your best 4-legged friend

So long awaited vacations are coming and one of the nicest things is to get to know new places and spend the day at the sea with your pets. Dogs and cats won’t have to stay out of your plans and nowadays it’s becoming more and more common to see couples and families who include […]

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Recife de Fora: Discover the natural pools of the most popular tour in Porto Seguro

The coast of Porto Seguro, south of Bahia, is a heaven for corals and different species of fish. The Recife de Fora Marine Park offers an enchanting view, with shallow and crystal clear waters that give a unique opportunity of direct contact with marine life. Enjoy  wake up early and jump before the tide arises. […]

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Live the incredible experience of getting married feeling the sea breeze on your skin and in harmony with nature

Wedding is the happiest moment of a bride and groom’s life and each couple brings their expectations to this unique event, which is full of emotion and magic. It is the fulfillment of a dream and therefore, every detail must be chosen with great care and delicacy. In Toko Village you’ll find the perfect scenery, […]

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Happiness and natural beauties: enjoy July holidays with your family in Porto Seguro

School holidays have finally arrived and it’s time to enjoy some family time. This is the perfect opportunity to start packing and visit Porto Seguro, a beautiful city located in the southern coast of Bahia. Full of paradisiacal beaches, it is the perfect place to rest and also have fun. In Porto Seguro  fun is […]

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