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Wind in the face, speed and a lot of adrenaline… Exploring Bahia on 4 wheels will be an out of the ordinary adventure!
Explore wild nature on a quad and discover a new scenery under the beaches of Taípe and Trancoso.


Taípe: Route: departure from Arraial d’Ajuda, passing by the Mangabeiras trail. Duration: 3 hours. | Departure: every day – morning (9:00) and afternoon (14:00) |
Trancoso: Route: exit from Arraial d’Ajuda, passing through the Arraial-Trancoso Road, reaching the Dunes of Praia de Itaquena. | Duration: 6 hours. | Output: under schedule. | Optional lunch at the beach stalls in Trancoso.
For all rides, an initial training is carried out explaining how to use the equipment and safety regulations. The whole course is supervised by a guide. The use of alcoholic beverages is prohibited. We recommend the use of sneakers during the tour.

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