TOKO Village
Casa De Ferias

A new concept of hospitality in Porto Seguro, in the beautiful “Discovery Coast”. Away from the chaos of the city, and 200 meters from the beautiful beach of North Rim.

The Toko Lifestyle

Looking for somewhere to relax and have a great time?
You're almost there!
At Toko Village Casa de Ferias you will be greeted by an atmosphere of tranquility and peace, we are very proud to have created one of the safest and cleanest habitats for people and the local fauna. Our symbol is an owl because they are sensitive to environmental changes and only live in places free of pollution, thus they are indicators of a clean, wooded ecosystem. Walking through our gardens, a preserved area, guests can observe the owls living in harmony with nature.
If outdoor activities are more your style then you'll be glad to know that all around the Toko Village Casa de Ferias there are a ton of opportunities to rent bikes, ATVs, and cars, or you could visit exclusive islands and beaches to admire the multitude of species of marine fauna that populate them. If you have children they would love to spend a day at the nearby waterpark, or hike on the "Discovery Path", or meet the indigenous Pataxó in their secluded reserve and be taught their archery techniques, and what better way to end the day than being pampered with a body massage done in an area integrated with nature?co cc

being sustainable

Here at the village we strive to be eco friendly and sustainable, we use cleaning products with natural ingredients, free of toxic components or chemical substances.
We recycle everyday ingredients that surround us, and by doing this we preserve nature without causing any damage to the ecosystem and especially to the health of our guests.

In an era of social responsibility and concern for the planet, we cherish nature and use solar energy in our facilities.
We are committed to host you in a sustainable and environmental friendly structure.